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53rd German Market Research Congress

From the influencer to PoS: What functions and how
in the field of advertising research?

Market research concerning the role and effect of new and proven touchpoints

11 - 12 June 2018 in Hamburg

Approximately 300 specialists and executives from market research, as well as marketing, advertising, and communications specialists, will again meet for the Congress of German Market Research to discuss highly-topical and innovative research approaches, studies, and methods.
We have more possibilities than ever before for communication with end customers... Influencer, YouTube, Advertorials, ... many avenues for addressing target groups.

The interlinking of a variety of online and offline media makes measuring the success of advertising a complex task. Are we reaching our target groups and what messages are being received? From One-to-One-Marketing, via classic advertising in print, TV, Out-of-Home, and extending to the coolest advertising measure at PoS or on the web: What research approaches, qualitative and quantitative methods are used by our industry to investigate and thus confirm the efficiency or inefficiency of an advertising or marketing measure?

However, in addition to the analysis of specific media channels and marketing measures the interaction of the specific channels, as well as consideration of the influence of various contact outlets, as well as creation impose special challenges on impact research. What role does market research play in the era of apparently limitless measurability of all marketing measures on the Internet [big data]?

The BVM Congress is devoted to these topics, which are absolutely relevant for those responsible for market research on the advertiser side and likewise on the agency side, as well as the media side, through case studies and keynote presentations.

An innovative program with adequate opportunity for communication, as well as a modern event location, await the participants.

The Congress

  • focuses on measuring the impact of marketing measures
  • introduces new procedures in advertising impact research
  • shows what role big data and classic methods play in advertising impact research
  • offers experts a platform for discussing the necessity of advertising impact research in the era of technical measurability

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